Childhood Memory Map Project

Childhood Memory Mapping Project is an oral history experiment exploring place, movement and embodied memory. Oral history interviews focus on childhood memories by asking narrators to remember and draw place-based memories, all the while keeping their eyes closed. 

Immersive soundwalks exploring climate change in rural Alaska in the streets of downtown Anchorage Alaska.  Generously supported by AIR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Content coming in Spring 2016

Immersive soundwalks, images and web experience to explore our changing winters.

Funded by Invoking the Pause

“Signs of Sandy” is a multimedia storytelling project documenting the Rockaway Beach neighborhood one year after Hurricane Sandy.

3-D sound, google glass footage, site-specific soundwalks and audio interviews reveal the "signs of Sandy"hiding in plain sight. Funded by The New School Civic Engagement Grant 

Featured at SXSW Interactive, 2014

A short documentary about subway ventriloquist, Nigel "Docta Gel" Dunkley, and his puppet, Cindy Hot Chocolate.


This film juxtaposes footage and audio from archival educational films about the weather sourced from the Prelinger archive, with home movie and news clips of recent natural disasters from YouTube.

Featured in the Re-Mixed Media Festival